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A night at the Symposium: St. John’s College Post Graduate Research Symposium

On Thursday the 7th of August, I attended the Post Graduate Research Symposium at St. John’s College in Durham.  The Institute for Advanced Studies hosted the event and Dr. Mark Ogden chaired it. The event had 10 speakers over 2 … Continue reading

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What is the university in an age of social media?

Clay Shirky has posted an intriguing article on the future of the university in the social media age.  He argues that social-media technology, in particular the MP3 and technology to enable sharing, which has changed the music industry, is changing … Continue reading

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No time for history? Take a video tour of a County Record Office

  In a previous blog, on Jimmy Savile and the Shaw report  I mentioned the need to visit the County Record Office to know how our collective memory was stored.  For many people, this may prove difficult because of the … Continue reading

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Penn State and the crisis of the American University.

The Penn State crisis reveals a deeper crisis than the Sandusky crimes where a sexual predator preyed on young boys.  The crisis is more than the cover up of the crimes described in the grand jury document and the Freeh … Continue reading

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Why did I start blogging? Reflections after my 50th blog posts.

I finally made it to 50.  When I started blogging, I decided that once I reached 50 posts I would decide whether to continue or stop. Either I would not make it, through boredom, fear,  too much hard work or … Continue reading

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What happens when we can longer find the moral arguments to defend democracy?

The following was developed in response to an exchange I had with Paul Bernal on his excellent blog about the UK government’s proposed surveillance powers.  In the discussion in previous class on the issue, a student from the former soviet … Continue reading

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Some tentative thoughts on why the Occupy Wall Street Movement will fail to change America

What has struck me about reading the blogs and the tweets about the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States is thebelief that protests will lead to immediate and lasting political and social change.  I am not sure where … Continue reading

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