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Beyond Contempt: Does Money Buy Justice?

Peter Jukes has written an important book. The book is important because of what it reveals about UK politics, media, and justice. The case connects these areas. Too often people hear “important book” and immediately think that it is boring. … Continue reading

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Leveson’s fatal flaw: the Queen

Looking back on the Leveson Inquiry, it is clear that the review was fatally flawed from the start.  Although the terms of reference focused on the press, media relationship, the underlying issue was the way power is distributed and used … Continue reading

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Four questions Robert Jay failed to ask Rebekah Brooks and why they matter

The sessions with Rebekah Brooks proved interesting, but less exciting than the previous sessions with Rupert Murdoch. In large part, the sessions with Brooks and Coulson proved relatively less exciting because they are both facing criminal prosecution.  As a result, … Continue reading

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Leveson is not A Few Good Men: Thoughts on Rupert Murdoch’s Testimony

I have watched the unfolding inquiry and several things struck me about James Murdoch’s testimony. What immediately jumps out is the reaction to one side of the story.  To be sure, the testimony and the associated emails present a fascinating … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Leveson:what is not in the press?

One thing that has struck me about the Leveson enquiry is how it has stayed away from discussing what is not published.  At the moment, we are focused on the various methods the press did, or did not, use to … Continue reading

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