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Something or Nothing? Fundamental questions that shape how we live

According to Aristotle, in the Metaphysics, we desire to know.  The desire to know expresses our humanity; it makes us human. By asking questions, we try to understand our world and ourselves.  Questions such as “Who am I” and “What … Continue reading

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Democracy and justice in the UK are we training to ask the right questions?

To find things out, we need to ask questions.  The quality of our questions will depend on what we already know. At the same time, the quality of our questions will decide the answers we get.  In court, we rely … Continue reading

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Politics, Batman and the use of abstract language.

In politics, we often use abstract language as an intentional strategy to exclude our opponents and include our supporters. In this manner, language hides as much as it reveals. The more abstract the language, the more we can read into … Continue reading

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No country for Old Men (thoughts on America).

Cormac McCarthy’s novel[1] has a powerful story to tell. At a number of levels, it tells the story of America. At the same time, it could be read, based on the title, as a meditation by Mr. McCarthy on his … Continue reading

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Why questions are so poor at select committees: a case study of Treasury Committee and Mr. Diamond.

In the recent Treasury Committee interview of Bob Diamond, the former CEO of Barclays, we saw the weakness of the select committee at its best. The committee asked poor questions, and received worse answers.  The reasons for this may be … Continue reading

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