No time for history? Take a video tour of a County Record Office

English: A list of the subscribers to the inte...

English: A list of the subscribers to the intended Bolton Bury and Manchester Canal Navigation circa 1971 Photographed with kind permission of Greater Manchester County Record Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In a previous blog, on Jimmy Savile and the Shaw report  I mentioned the need to visit the County Record Office to know how our collective memory was stored.  For many people, this may prove difficult because of the travel time and costs.  Therefore, I thought it would be helpful to point you to three examples of County Record Offices that have videos that show what a CRO is and how it works.




I found these on Youtube and I readers might find them of interest. As I have said, they do hold our community’s official collective memories.


Here is one from Essex Record Office, which is a good way of showing how a record office works. There is a good narration and structure to the film


Here is one from North Yorkshire County Record Office and offers a detailed insight into the County Record Office.  This has more of a behind the scenes feel.


The third is from The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland. The video shows the process of a visit.


The videos show you what a CRO does and what it looks like.  I would recommend you visit your local CRO and find out what history it holds.  It may hold your history one day.



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