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Does the NSA want to collect everything? Let’s check the facts and then decide.

Over the past several months, we have read headlines and stories about the new surveillance state. We have been told that the United States government, in particular the NSA, intends to “collect, monitor, and store every telephone and internet communication … Continue reading

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Did the Police take it easy on Mr. Miranda because of a respect for a free press?

On 18 August, the police stopped Mr. Miranda, the husband of Mr. Glenn Greenwald, under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2006. The debate has focused on whether the United Kingdom government over reacted and used the law inappropriately against … Continue reading

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An alternative view of how the Terrorism Act may have applied to Mr. Miranda

disclaimer: I am not a lawyer so this is a layman’s reading of the Act. As such, it is a speculative piece of writing.  Please do not take it as a legal interpretation of how the Act works. For a robust … Continue reading

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Why Mr. Miranda may have been held

Update: Since I published this blog at 220am on Monday,  the story has changed. It has been reported that Mr. Miranda was stopped by the British Government on their decision.  Here is how the BBC has reported the story in … Continue reading

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Worrying about the Public-Private Surveillance Partnership: A response

The following is a response to Bruce Schneier’s article The Public-Private Surveillance Partnership. In the article, he argues that the primary business model of the internet is mass surveillance. A public-private partnership makes it happen and to defend it. I … Continue reading

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