Who decides the public interest: journalism’s death or resurrection?

A new model is developing for journalism that will involve a different view of the public interest? Has public opinion become so tyrannical that the press becomes restrained which in turn undermines the public interest? The question to consider are whether the change in public interest to a politically motivated approach will succeed and be translated into politics

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Who decides the public interest? This question haunts the media. Without the public interest, the media has a limited role in society. The question also haunts politics. Without the support of the public interest, the government’s legitimacy is destabilized. Both rely upon the public interest but in different ways. How the media and government use the public interest shapes the public opinion and how the public understand the common good. What is at stake in this question is the regime’s soul.


How the media uses the public interest reflects a democratic deficit. On the surface this means the media are not elected. That surface understanding is not enough. Beneath it, we find a deeper problem. Traditionally, the media acted in the public interest. They used the public interest to justify their stories. The public interest was supposed to guide the way they shaped public opinion. In a…

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