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Has Putin’s claim to bring glory back to Russia masked his betrayal?

      If Putin wanted to bring glory back to Russia, he would be doing the following. First, he would improve health care[1]. Second, he would improve higher education.[2] Third, he would create jobs.[3] Fourth, he would free his … Continue reading

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Surveillance and the experience of technological sin

Throughout the furore over the NSA revelations, one thing that has remained constant is the way that technology companies and technologists have expressed a certain naiveté over politics. I do not mean that they are unaware of politics. Instead, I … Continue reading

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Why we need governments in cyberspace: a response to the Strongest Tribe article

In the article, you set out a serious of arguments, implicit and explicit, about the need, or lack thereof, for governments in cyberspace.  In particular, you argue that the United States is the strongest tribe. There are some concerns with … Continue reading

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Time for a change…..of name, but the journey continues

I have blogged on this site since August 2010 under my name. I thought it was time to move to a different title reflects the content.  If the blog had been about me personally, it might have remained unchanged. However, … Continue reading

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Patton would have shot Haig: Thoughts on rehabilitating “The Butcher”

I was intrigued to hear the other morning on Radio4 that a lecture was to be given today about Field Marshall Haig. The lecturer (Professor Sheffield) suggested that Haig should be reconsidered given the harsh treatment from reassessment of his … Continue reading

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