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The NSA surveillance state and the illusion of privacy

The news of the NSA surveillance programme has been met with strong criticism in Europe. The European governments have publicly expressed their concerns about the invasion of privacy and its effect on US-EU relations. The statements, though well meant, ring … Continue reading

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Beyond Government Transparency 3.0: Augmented Democratic Decision Making

The following post is influenced by Dan Slee’s excellent post on Augmented Reality and the future of local government communications. The blog argues that transparency data mapped to location and context can be used for augmented decision making.  What this … Continue reading

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The open data delusion: can we find meaning in the data?

The open data delusion is a phenomenon in which we believe that increasing the amount of data published or accessible will increase the public understanding of the issues. What the financial crisis shows is that the data was out in … Continue reading

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The dark side of open data: politicized data.

As more data becomes available at a national and a local level, we have to be aware of the danger that it will become politicised.  The data will become politicised in two senses. First, all politics are local.  The more … Continue reading

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