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What is the university in an age of social media?

Clay Shirky has posted an intriguing article on the future of the university in the social media age.  He argues that social-media technology, in particular the MP3 and technology to enable sharing, which has changed the music industry, is changing … Continue reading

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Hyperlinks, Leo Strauss and the return of esoteric writing

I have been thinking recently about the phrase “Hyperlinks subvert hierarchies.”  I argued in an earlier blog that this was not the case.  I suggested that hyperlinks reflect hierarchies and those hierarchies are networks.  In that approach, I only considered … Continue reading

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Educating ourselves to particpate in politics: what is the best way to live?

The following is based on comment, I posted on http://adragonsbestfriend.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/knowledge-is-porridge/ The challenge for educating our young to take part in politics, is that teaching is no longer about educating.  Moreover educating is no longer about teaching someone to think or … Continue reading

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