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Can you measure democracy by its freedom of information? Four hypothesis in search of answers

What is the relationship between FOIA’s age and its acceptance and use?  I have thought that there may be a resistance to FOIA in the UK for the following institutional and cultural reasons. If these hypotheses are true, then the … Continue reading

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If we are going to charge for FOIA requests we might as well start charging for complaints.

The current post legislative review of the Freedom of Information Act  which was shaped by the Government’s initial response to the review of the legislation sought written evidence on three areas.  Does the Freedom of Information Act work effectively? What … Continue reading

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Freedom of Information Act is the grain of sand in an oyster of records that creates pearls of transparency

An important actor has been missing from the recent discussions around the future of FOIA. The missing organisation is the National Archives. The National Archives did not give any written evidence to the post legislative scrutiny of Freedom of Information.  … Continue reading

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Does the UK have an ecology of transparency?

Seth Kreimer developed the term “ecology of transparency”. He was looking at a way to explain the interaction of actors and organisational contexts to explain transparency within the United States. Although his work is focused on the United States, I … Continue reading

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If a FOIA request costs £293, how much does it cost to answer a letter?

Over the past couple of years, I have seen an increase references to the cost of FOI requests. When the cost is calculated, it is usually use a number methods (Opportunity Costs, Activity Based Costing (ABC)), or just asking the … Continue reading

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