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The Queen and the rule of Law: Magna Carta’s myth

In a recent Spectator article, Daniel Hannan explained that the Queen obeyed the rule of law. “..I’m closely involved with the project—will be unveiling a large bronze statue of the Queen, symbolizing both 800 years of the Crown’s acceptance of … Continue reading

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When we talk about poverty, we need to talk about justice

In the UK, governments have discussed poverty and anti-poverty strategies for many years. They set targets and talked about the economic and political programs to reduce poverty. When the targets are not met, the governments redefine the target or the … Continue reading

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Ferguson and the death of the American idea

At the heart of the American idea is that belief that self-government is possible. Self-government is one in which there is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people can flourish. The laws are made democratically, … Continue reading

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Surveillance, Safety and the Rule of Law: Questions and Answers

We have heard many stories about the surveillance state and its power over the individual. We have heard that the United States has abused its position and its power to its advantage. Many people are outraged at what they believe … Continue reading

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Vexatious requests guidance: weakening our power to make the state speak

The long awaited guidance on vexatious requests has arrived.  The guidance follows from two distinct events. The first was the Parliament’s review of FOIA during which the MoJ presented evidence that suggested council’s were limited in their ability to deal … Continue reading

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Open data creates inefficient government and why this is good

The promise that open data will improve government efficiency is misplaced.  Every administration claims it will make government effective and efficient.  We had Clinton’s Reinventing Government and Bush’s reforms after 11 September.  Neither has delivered as it promised. In large … Continue reading

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What is the public interest in an undeclared war? Leveson Inquiry connection to the Iraq War

Was the Iraq war a declared war that demonstrated an existential threat to the United Kingdom against which the public had to be consulted?  Lord Hennessy in his testimony to the Post Legislative Scrutiny of the Freedom of Information Act … Continue reading

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Will the Big Blue Button come to the UK? A records management revolution too far?

The Department of Health has published its “The Power of Information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need”.  The document sets out how it will use information to fulfil its obligations found in … Continue reading

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FOIA, equality, justice and the future of democracy

We should not be surprised that powerful people, in particular politicians and political leaders, do not like FOIA.  Aside from the issue of political and public accountability, which raise important democratic principles, the FOIA challenges the political and social hierarchies.  … Continue reading

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In defence of frivolous requests: FOIA and political accountability.

The FOIA is under post legislative scrutiny by the justice select committee.  The written and oral evidence provided showed a concerned for frivolous or time wasting requests.  I write here to defend one of these requests and show that they … Continue reading

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