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A commentary on Zizek: either stop talking or stop thinking

In the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, Slavoj Zizek wrote a column for the Guardian.[1] Hs purported goal was to help us, the West, think about or even think through the shootings. One imagines that he … Continue reading

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“Can’t you take a joke?” Charlie Hebdo, tolerance, and why the joke is on the West

Freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are considered important for a free society. Both of these freedoms support the common opinion that binds a society together.[1] The freedom to philosophize is the source for these freedoms. Yet, … Continue reading

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What Lord Tebbit shares with Islamists: Woolwich, Islam and the struggle with Liberalism

The attack in Woolwich has raised questions about how the UK will manage its relationship with its Muslim citizens.  More generally, the call for more surveillance power for the state raises questions about how all citizens will be treated. Therein … Continue reading

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