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How the free press threatens the UK’s media and political establishment

As we await the Leveson report, expected later this year, the debate over press regulation has intensified.  The allegations that have emerged after the Jimmy Savile investigations, Tom Watson’s question in Parliament, the resignation of the Director General of the … Continue reading

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Politics, Batman and the use of abstract language.

In politics, we often use abstract language as an intentional strategy to exclude our opponents and include our supporters. In this manner, language hides as much as it reveals. The more abstract the language, the more we can read into … Continue reading

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An extreme political camping trip or renegotiating the social contract: thoughts on Occupy Wall Street

My thoughts on the Occupy Movement is that it is dangerously close to being like an extreme sport like snowboarding in being an extreme political camping trip and not an intellectually coherent attempt to renegotiate the social contract.  From the … Continue reading

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Economic indicators: Occupy Wall Street in context.

In considering the Occupy Wall Street movement and the economic arguments around it, I have been struck by the lack of historical analysis.  The arguments never seem to put the current economic crisis into a wider context either to understand … Continue reading

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Some tentative thoughts on why the Occupy Wall Street Movement will fail to change America

What has struck me about reading the blogs and the tweets about the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States is thebelief that protests will lead to immediate and lasting political and social change.  I am not sure where … Continue reading

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