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Hillsborough and the cognitive dissonance of UK police response

In psychology there is a term called “cognitive dissonance”. The term refers to the symptoms a person faces when their behaviour does not match their thoughts, attitude, or beliefs. Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan’s Murder, police corruption, and the health of the UK regime

Daniel Morgan was brutally murdered with an axe. In the days before his murder, he had claimed to have information about a network of corrupt police officers. Despite, 6 investigations and two failed prosecutions, his killers have never been brought … Continue reading

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Mark Duggan, a lawful death, but was it just?

Mark Duggan was a bad man.[1] Although not a martyr[2], did he deserve to be killed? Does anyone deserve to be killed? To deserve to be killed suggests an outcome of a process. The person has done something whereby death … Continue reading

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Without Fear or Favour, police corruption and the failure of imagination.

Considering the Leveson Inquiry, I have been interested in the relationship between the police and the press. In particular, I was interested in the report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary Without Fear or Favour: a review of police relationships. … Continue reading

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Sir Ian Blair is no political philosopher: the myth of politicised policing.

There is a pernicious myth being propagated at the Leveson inquiry. The myth is that the police have only recently become politicised.  The truth is that the police have always been politicised to some extent. Sir Ian Blair attended the … Continue reading

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