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Privacy and the political good.

What is missing from the debate on privacy, in general, and the debate over state surveillance, in particular, is the question of the political good either defended or promoted by constraining surveillance and protecting privacy. What is the political good … Continue reading

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My response to the NSA public consultation

  Background note: In response to the Snowden leaks about the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program, a review group was created on August 12, 2013. President Obama directed the establishment of a Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies. Their mission … Continue reading

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The NSA surveillance state and the illusion of privacy

The news of the NSA surveillance programme has been met with strong criticism in Europe. The European governments have publicly expressed their concerns about the invasion of privacy and its effect on US-EU relations. The statements, though well meant, ring … Continue reading

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Write a letter if you want to defeat the NSA surveillance state

In reading the title, you may be expecting me to suggest that you write a letter to your government representative to protest the NSA’s surveillance. Instead, I want to suggest something radical: write a letter and not use email.  If you want … Continue reading

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Prosecution and the art of social media writing: reflections on McAlpine v Bercow

Today, the High Court ruled that Sally Bercow had defamed Lord McAlpine through a tweet, which could be understand to accuse him of sexually abusing boys in care. It follows that, for these reasons, I find that the Tweet meant, … Continue reading

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To have privacy you must kill God

I was commenting on Paul Bernal’s excellent blog on privacy, and the title of this blog came to me.  I was arguing, on the blog, with Bruce Shneier and I realized there was a connection, perhaps spurious, in political philosophical … Continue reading

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Will the Big Blue Button come to the UK? A records management revolution too far?

The Department of Health has published its “The Power of Information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need”.  The document sets out how it will use information to fulfil its obligations found in … Continue reading

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Does the UK have an ecology of transparency?

Seth Kreimer developed the term “ecology of transparency”. He was looking at a way to explain the interaction of actors and organisational contexts to explain transparency within the United States. Although his work is focused on the United States, I … Continue reading

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Why can’t I copy money? Is that censorship?: Thoughts on framing SOPA and PIPA

I have been fascinated by the SOPA and PIPA debate because it shows the power of framing an argument.   Depending on how you frame an argument, you can set the parameters for how it will be discussed and ultimately how … Continue reading

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A modest defence of regulators: the case of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Since the phone hacking scandal began, the ICO has been under pressure over the handling of related investigations. In particular, he has faced criticism over the handling of Operation Motorman.  Since the Levenson enquiry began, the criticisms have increased.  The … Continue reading

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