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Trump, Murdoch and digital tabloids: from media bodyguards to Praetorian Guards

For I know that some human beings are like horses—the more they get what they want, the more unruly they are apt to become. [3] The way to manage men like that is to put the fear of the bodyguard … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s imperial origins: a response to Eliot Cohen

Donald Trump is causing a stir. His success has unleashed the expected counter attack from the political establishment. In many ways he represents the final logic of the political establishment where its political immoderation is masked as effectiveness, fairness, and … Continue reading

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Obama, Reagan, and Huey Long: What has really changed in American Politics?

In his vote-harvesting season, it is important to reflect on the American political past to understand what has changed and what needs to be changed.  What connects these three men does not seem as obvious at first.  Reagan and Obama … Continue reading

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