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Surveillance and the experience of technological sin

Throughout the furore over the NSA revelations, one thing that has remained constant is the way that technology companies and technologists have expressed a certain naiveté over politics. I do not mean that they are unaware of politics. Instead, I … Continue reading

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The problem of surveillance in a democratic society

  What has been a constant theme through the debate is that there is a technological solution (encryption) to what is perceived as a technological problem (surveillance). The problem, at its source, is not technological it is political. Why we … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, Martin Heidegger, Apple and the new culture of technology

  As human beings, we seek a personal relationship in all that we do. [1]We want to see others and we want others to see us. When we meet and talk to each on a personal and physical level, we … Continue reading

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What is the university in an age of social media?

Clay Shirky has posted an intriguing article on the future of the university in the social media age.  He argues that social-media technology, in particular the MP3 and technology to enable sharing, which has changed the music industry, is changing … Continue reading

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Beyond Government Transparency 3.0: Augmented Democratic Decision Making

The following post is influenced by Dan Slee’s excellent post on Augmented Reality and the future of local government communications. The blog argues that transparency data mapped to location and context can be used for augmented decision making.  What this … Continue reading

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Does social media make us less than human? Human nature as a social object

I was fascinated by the idea of social object as used on this blog. The author developed the idea to include the concept of being in the world.  In this idea, our understanding is shaped by being as subject and … Continue reading

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Will the Big Blue Button come to the UK? A records management revolution too far?

The Department of Health has published its “The Power of Information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need”.  The document sets out how it will use information to fulfil its obligations found in … Continue reading

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