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Does liberalism need to answer Tony Benn’s questions?

Many people were not fans of Tony Benn. They did not agree with his politics, or his political style. For some people, he was more in the mould of Michael Foot than John Smith or Tony Blair, which may have … Continue reading

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A modest defense of democracy: three cheers for Blair, Cameron, and Clinton

I am not convinced that Leveson Inquiry shows a diminished democracy.  Instead, we have been treated to an eye opening view of how modern democracy works.  In the past, much of this would not be known or understood. Like the … Continue reading

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Leveson: Blair provides a political master class

What was striking about Blair’s testimony before Leveson today was his ability to be friends with all parts of the media. In this role, he was showing his skill as a politician. In time, like any leader he will reach … Continue reading

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Meeting Murdoch: Political Influence always has a purpose.

When the bailiffs come to your home, you know the reason, you do not have to ask. I have never met Rupert Murdoch nor am I likely to meet him.  If we were to meet, especially if he were to … Continue reading

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Empty Archives: hollow men and the fear of accountability?

In their recent visit to the Justice Select Committee Lord O’Donnell and Lord Hennessy talked about the possibility of “empty archives”.  Lord Hennessy mentioned that Cabinet minutes were not as explicit as they were in previous generation. He said that … Continue reading

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Sir Ian Blair is no political philosopher: the myth of politicised policing.

There is a pernicious myth being propagated at the Leveson inquiry. The myth is that the police have only recently become politicised.  The truth is that the police have always been politicised to some extent. Sir Ian Blair attended the … Continue reading

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