The American Catholic Church has made a political mistake.

The decision to publicly excommunicate Nany Pelosi ( ) was a terrible decision for the following reasons.

First, it is a political decision made publicly for a political purpose.

Second, it singles out one politicia/person.

Third, it singles out one sin.

Fourth, it is disproportionate since it fails to indicate how anyone can elect a Catholic because they must subordinate themselves to the Church for their political decisions even though they are elected to represent the public not the Church.

From now on, every priest must deny communion to any parishioner who is do any of the following and refusing to stop.
Watching pornagraphy
(Note pornography and masturbation are mortal sins ie as bad as abortion.)
Any man who has supported or paid for or required an abortion.
Any actor who simulates sex scenes, drug taking, or any behaviour contrary to the Church’s teaching.
Any homosexual. (This must include any homosexual priest or nun.)
Any parent engaging in physical or sexual abuse of their partner or their children.

If the Church and Bishops fail to excommunicate these followers it fails to be consistent and it demonstrates its political goal is greater than its Christian goal.

Is this the Church we want? Would Christ, who famously chose not to cast the first stone, recognise this Church?

Remember that confession does not absolve you from your sins if you don’t stop your sins. Think on that. You sin and confess and do it again then you are no different from Pelosi theologically speaking. At that point, you should be excommunicated if the priest and Bishop should publicly state you have been excommunicated *and *why* just as they have done with Pelosi.

Embrace it because if you want it to apply to Pelosi in your righteous indignation then you must expect it to be applied to you.

Look, I don’t make the rules, I am telling you how they apply now.


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