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An extreme political camping trip or renegotiating the social contract: thoughts on Occupy Wall Street

My thoughts on the Occupy Movement is that it is dangerously close to being like an extreme sport like snowboarding in being an extreme political camping trip and not an intellectually coherent attempt to renegotiate the social contract.  From the … Continue reading

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Economic indicators: Occupy Wall Street in context.

In considering the Occupy Wall Street movement and the economic arguments around it, I have been struck by the lack of historical analysis.  The arguments never seem to put the current economic crisis into a wider context either to understand … Continue reading

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If a FOIA request costs £293, how much does it cost to answer a letter?

Over the past couple of years, I have seen an increase references to the cost of FOI requests. When the cost is calculated, it is usually use a number methods (Opportunity Costs, Activity Based Costing (ABC)), or just asking the … Continue reading

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