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The UK’s Praetorian Guards and Daniel Morgan’s Murder

Over the past few years we have been treated to a sorry spectacle in UK society. What we have seen is that those nominally called the guardians of the regime and the public interest, (the press, the politicians, and the … Continue reading

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Meeting Murdoch: Political Influence always has a purpose.

When the bailiffs come to your home, you know the reason, you do not have to ask. I have never met Rupert Murdoch nor am I likely to meet him.  If we were to meet, especially if he were to … Continue reading

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Leveson is not A Few Good Men: Thoughts on Rupert Murdoch’s Testimony

I have watched the unfolding inquiry and several things struck me about James Murdoch’s testimony. What immediately jumps out is the reaction to one side of the story.  To be sure, the testimony and the associated emails present a fascinating … Continue reading

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